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Our Friendly Staff


Krista has been with us for a year now, in that short period of time; she has become a Certified Pro-Stitcher through training at Handi Quilter.  During this past short year she has come a long way from loading quilts to completing custom quilts.
Those of you who have had an opportunity to work with Krista know that she is a natural artist and has a terrific eye for color.  That is why it is so easy for her to select thread and patterns for your quilts.  She is an invaluable resource for consulting about your quilt backs as well.
In addition to her quilting skills, she is an excellent educator.  Many of our customers have come to her to learn about Pro-Stitcher.  She willingly shares her knowledge of the program and of quilting in general.  The best part of her teaching skills is her patience — doesn’t matter how many questions she is right there with you.


Taylor comes to us after completing his two year college degree with an emphasis in business and marketing.  He thought he would take a break and gain some real world experience and we truly glad he has.  You can always count on him to be professional and courteous.  Plus, he enjoys what he does, that makes him even better at his job.
He has completed technician training at both Bay Lock and Handi Quilter.  He uses the knowledge he has gained in training to not only service machines but to also help customers learn how to operate their machines more efficiently and explains exactly how they work. In addition to being a technician for Baby Lock and Handi Quilter, he is also knowledgeable about Pro-Stitcher and can answer many of your questions.


A retired attorney, Susan has sewn since she was 6 years old.  Now she devotes her time to sewing, serging and embroidery.  For more than 20 years, she has continually attended training classes with nationally known instructors to learn new techniques and how to execute new projects.  Her strongest passion is for sergers and learning all there is to learn about sergers.

She teaches all of our in-house serger classes and can transform a “I don’t know how to thread it” student into a “I can do that” confident serger.  In addition to serger classes, she also teaches many of our embroidery classes.  In her classes, she likes to focus on in-the-hoop applique and edge-to-edge quilting in the embroidery hoop.


Trisha is the newest member of our staff.  She has been in the sewing industry for over 20 years selling machines, repairing machines and teaching sewing.  Her skills complement our current staff by offering broader knowledge and skills to enhance our customer service.   She enjoys teaching young sewers and introducing them to the wonderful world of creativity through sewing. 

Trisha teaches our owner classes for Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machines.  She is available to answer questions and help with any issues you may be having with your sewing/embroidery machine.



Began her career at the shop as a part-time employee while attending High School.  When she first started fabric, sewing, serging, quilting, was a whole world she knew nothing of — today she can literally run the shop.  She knows where everything is, can advise on matching fabrics, and provide direction if you want to leave a quilt for quilting. In fact, frequently when you contact the shop you will be talking with Dolcye taking your orders, processing requests and providing general assistance.  
As a continuing High School student Dolcye, generally works part-time at the shop but anytime she is out of school you will find her here helping customers, helping to plan new projects and schedules, and helping with events.  

Who we are

Miss D’s Quilts supplies Northeastern Florida with all your quilting needs, from long arm machines or fabric to lessons that will help you cultivate or improve your unique quilting skills. Our experienced and professional staff members are ready to assist you in finding any quilting machine or fabric you could imagine so that you can produce outstanding quilts each and every time. Our quilting machines are of premium quality and construction, leaving you with everything you need to create amazing quilts with a long-lasting product. Whether you’re a beginner quilter just stepping into the hobby or an experienced quilt-maker with years spent producing amazing results, Miss D’s Quilts offers great service with an impressive range of products. Located in sunny Palatka, Florida, Miss D’s Quilts has been in business since 2013 and provides the necessary training to help anyone become more proficient and accomplished in their quilt designs and quality. Miss D’s understands the attention to detail required by the finest quilters around and strives to meet their standards through superior products and service. From starter quilting machines to the most feature-rich and premium built machines, we have everything quilting enthusiasts demand to produce finished works that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.

What we offer

With an extensive selection of quality fabrics and machines, Miss D’s Quilts is passionate about delivering helpful service and useful products for quilters in the Northeastern Florida area. Our lessons are designed to inform newcomers to the fundamentals of quilting and take them to new levels of quilt-making abilities. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to begin in the world of quilting, and our practical lesson programs can inform you on the essentials of quilting so that you can build from this foundation and create creative quilts you appreciate and love. With our full array of machines and fabrics, Miss D’s Quilts can help you take your hobby to the next level and impart your inner creativity into everything you make.

Miss D’s Quilts simplifies the process of obtaining all the materials and equipment needed to enjoy all that the world of high-quality quilting has to offer. Our passionate and experienced professionals will direct you to the correct products or information needed to build on the foundations of your existing knowledge or learn even more to help you produce more complex and artistic quilts.

Products We Offer

We sell, service and train Baby Lock sewing, embroidery and serging machines.  In addition, we sell, service, train and set-up Handi Quilter Long Arms.  We also carry Floriani thread, stabilizer, and software and provide training for the software.   Our shop proudly offers Koala and Taylormade cabinets for your sewing, embroidery, and serger machines.  And, we sell Martelli cutting tables and products.

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