Quilt Shop versus Walmart

It is not uncommon for people to walk into the shop and get excited about everything they see.. Then as non-quilters they ask if we have any quilts for sale. When we say yes and tell them the price; there is total silence, you could hear a pin drop, the conversation comes to a dead stop.

It really is not their fault. They are use to going into a Walmart or other discount store and being familiar with their pricing. They expect the same in our shop or any other quilt shop.

Fortunately, for quilters there is a significant difference of our quilts when comparing them to the ones from the discount/mass produced places.. Our quilts are not mass produced in less than desirable working conditions in Asia. Each quilt is cut, pieced and quilted as a unique creation. This means our stitching will not come out in the first wash. The batting will not shift, everything will stay in its proper place. Our fabric is high quality cotton weave which means a quality finished product. It also means a more valuable end product that will be enjoyed for years to come..

It is seldom that someone, who inquires about a quilt, has a full appreciation of the quality and uniqueness of the item they are considering. Even though we realize they will not purchase the quilt we spend time explaining that In all likelihood there is no other quilt like the one they are considering and that it will become a heirloom that can be passed down. Frequently, we explain the rough cost of the material included in the quilt and the amount of time invested by the person who created the quilt.

Whether they purchase the quilt or not they walk out of our shop with a better appreciation of the love and talent that went into the making of the quilt.