Sit and Sew

Miss D’s has 2 sit and sews.

Every Friday, 9 til 5, a group of sewers and quilters take advantage of the space in 301 of the shop for their group. This group is open to anyone who likes to sew or quilt. This includes hand-quilters and garment makers. The group only asks $2.00 to participate. Sometimes, if fabric arrives in the shop while they are sewing away, they are offered first look and a little discount. Also, if a vendor happens to be in that day they are asked for their feedback on what we are ordering.

In addition, on the first Thursday of every month the Quilts of Valor group meets 10 til. Anyone and everyone interested in participating in Quilts of Valor are welcomed to attend. There is ample space and plenty of opportunity to learn about quilting and Quilts of Valor. Oh, and in the event fabric arrives while they are working away, the same thing happens — they get a first peek and small discount offering.

If you are interested in a sit and sew group but neither date fits your schedule, then let us know what day would be more convenient. Sorry we typically do not have evening hours, other than that we are open to your suggestions.

Thanks and let us hear from you.