Quilting, Quilting, Quilting and even more Quilting

Quilting options for everyone from free motion for long-arms, to domestic machines and software quilting. Miss D’s has a wide-range of options for all quilters regardless of machine brand and type. All events include lecture, sharing, and machine hands-on. All are welcome and you will learn more techniques then you ever dreamed.

As a quilter, newbe or a want-to-be quilter you have multiple options to expand or learn new talents at Miss D’s.

First, Miss D’s offers you the Handi Quilter Club on the 3rd Saturday each month (occasionally cancelled for hoidays and quilt shows — just can’t help ourselves).  This event is free and Kathy, an award winning quilter and great educator, enjoys sharing with you possible pattern selections or styles of quilting for your quilt, discusses the latest trend in quilting and any new techniques.  Bring in your toughest projecs she will help you out.  Plus, Kathy demonstrates multiple ways of using the new rulers from Handi Quilter and sometimes other sources.  It is all fun and educational.  Even though this event is billed as Handi Quilter Club == all quilters are welcome (Baby Lock, Tin Lizzy, Jukie, . . . . whatever you have come learn with a great group of folks).

Second, for those of you interested in Domestic Machine, then Kathy is your educator.  She teaches a domestic machine class on the same Saturday as the Handi Quilter Club.  This class is $35.00 and we ask that you pre-register for this class.  This helps Kathy prepare.

Third, the first Friday and Saturday of each month Miss D’s offers you an additional option for expanding your quilting experience.  Pat, yet again another award winning quilter and Handi Quilter Certified instructor, will be here from some hands on quilting.  On Friday, it all about free motion quilting on the long-arm (we don’t really care which brand of machine you have, all that matters is you want to learn).  Each Friday will learn new techniques on the long-arm and maybe create some projects along the way.  Then on Saturday, the focus is on Pro-Stitcher and making the most of your software experience.  Different topics will be covered each month.

There are so many learning opportunities here at Miss D’s and both Kathy and Pat have a tremendous amount of experience and love to share.

Happy Quilting

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