Many of you know that at Miss D’s we have provided excellent Serger and Long-Arm training and support over the years. And, that next year’s goal is to expand our offerings by including Sewing and Embroidery machine support. Well, we are ready! We have a new member of our staff, Tricia Sadler, who is helping us add that new dimension to the shop.

Check out our training schedule. You will see that we have added Owner’s Classes for Sewing/Embroidery. In these classes we will focus on the feet and utility stitches available on your machines. In addition, we may offer a few small projects to help you understand your machine even better.

Plus, we are adding 2 additional classes. The first is a regular embroidery class that will feature projects that are both fun and educational — fun is the best part. The second class is basic sewing; that will include home decor and garment sewing.

Check out our calendar, soon you will be able to register for any and all of these classes on line.