Website Status

Hi, I am working on updating this site. So far have posted most of the classes on the Event/Calendar Tab. Am now adding the classes to the Shop Tab. Unfortunately, you can not register on the Events/Calendar. However, after some exploring realized that the class registration can be linked via the Website option on the lower portion of the Course Description on the Event/Calendar page. So far, there are only a few classes linked in this manner. Am working to get caught up. Gonna take some time to get everything populated. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

Below is an example of how the link for registration will appear — Look for the Details section on the event description page, then by selecting and clicking on the website link you will be immediately directed to the class registration page. And can complete your registration there. You can actually try it out here. Click on the blue text next to the Website title it will take you directly to class registration.


Date:January 3, 2020

Time:10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Event Category:Quilting

Event Tags:Free-MotionHandi QuilterHandiQuilterLong-ArmQuiltingRuler Work